I'm from a regency town in the UK called Leamington Spa but love to travel further afield

Headlines - a potted history

Early career in Engineering

I thoroughly enjoyed my Apprenticeship in Engineering which I started when I was 19. I was only one of four girls in the group but it was great fun. After I finished my Apprenticeship I was sponsored through University to do a Manufacturing Engineering Degree. My favourite subject was Solid Mechanics. Not sure why but it was lol

Media Work

A friend of mine suggested I apply for a place on the TV Show The Apprentice. I was thrilled when I found out I'd beat 10,000 other people to be one of the twelve candidates in 2006. After that I seriously lost my way but that's a story for another time. Since then though I have also been on The Weakest Link (and won it), Loose Women, BBC News and The Politics Show so it's all been really good experience in that respect.


I've been running my own business since 2004 after I chose to take redundancy from my career in the motor industry. I was really unhappy in my job and was suffering from various ailments so I knew it was time to move on. Since then I have set up series of Women's Awards Events, A Women's Professional Development community and most recently have established the RedMane Leadership and Managment Development Centre in Warwickshire where we do Leadership and Team Building events for Corporates.

Academic Career

Inside myself I think I'm a frustrated academic as I love writing and learning. I've got an Engineering Degree, a Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degree. My most surprising moment was receiving a Distinction for my dissertation from my second marker at Oxford University and receiving the course prize from my tutor especially because half way through I’d wanted to give up.

BBC Radio

In 2015 I was approached to do more radio work which I was thrilled about. I spent just over a year covering on local BBC Radio and had my own show on a local radio station too. Typical of me, I took on too much with the excitement of it all and the radio career had to come to an end.

Charity Work

Over the years I have worked with many charities including SANDS the Stillbirth Charity which is a charity that has a personal connection, The Princes Trust when I was a mentor, Birmingham Children's Hospital (seen in the picture abseiling) and my team and I helped raise thousands of pounds through our events for a range of independent charities. When I won the Weakest Link I secured just over £11 000 for my chosen charity which was a very special moment in memory of a very special baby girl who would have been 12 this year.

I have suffered badly from self esteem and confidence issues

After having suffered an almost fatal collapse a few years ago, I started to challenge traditional thinking on what it takes to succeed in life and what it takes to be a leader. After years of overwork and several highly traumatic events in close succession, it all caught up with me and knocked me flat. That's when I knew things had to change.

One of the dawning realisations was that I realised that I'd struggled most of my life with low self-esteem and confidence issues. I was however determined not to be beaten by them. My lack of self-confidence and self-esteem are worse around certain people and in certain environments than others but I've accepted them and nowadays work with my vulnerabilities rather than against them. 

There are certain things that I do that keep me buoyant so I do as many of those as I can.  Life isn't a game of perfect but with consistency and awareness you can be the confident person you wish to be.

I was born in a place in the middle of the UK called Coventry. It has a cathedral that was bombed in the war and the phrase "being sent to Coventry" is a well known saying in the UK for someone who you'd like to send away! 

My dad worked in the Motor Industry and my mum is the longest serving employee in a supermarket chain :) 

They both taught me a good work ethic that has served me well. 

Interests outside of work


Yoga is my discipline. I find it challenging, rejuvenating and strengthening all at the same time. I practise at home each morning and I attend three formal classes each week. Currently I am looking at becoming a Yoga Teacher. You may get really bored of me talking about it and posting about it so please look beyond that if you can.

Being a mum taxi

You might know what it's like having an 8 year old and getting stuck in traffic taking your kids to their activities. It's not always the best of fun but it's my purest pleasure watching my daughter swim, doing dancing or gymnastics. Just like most parents I suppose.

Golf with my partner

There's nothing better than striking a nice golf ball. It's pure magic. Playing with my partner is an absolute privilege too because he is a PGA Professional. We are very fortunate to be based at a Hotel and Golf resort so frequently (when the weather is good) we are seen practising our swing or out on the course doing something, whether it be designed a new module for our Leadership course or challenging ourselves with different shots. One of my favourite days was when we played with my dad and daughter. Three generations out on the course. That was cool!


Food is my weakness. Simple as that. I get that from my dad who eats absolutely EVERYTHING in sight. That's part of the reason why I abstain from meat because over 20 years ago when I stop eating meat I found I could eat more lol. I love food but generally observe a protein rich diet with good quality carbs (although not all day every day as that would be just boring). I work on the basis that I know what I am eating whether it's good for me or bad for me so I make my chooses consciously. I also have a weird philosophy of eating things that are difficult to eat because they occupy the mouth longer and you get more value :)


Years ago I took up meditation and have not looked back. I practice it religiously at least twice a day because it helps keep my nutty gene under control (although that's not always possible some people might say)

Waking without the alarm

This is my daily intention : to start the day without an alarm whatever time I need to get up. I absolutely hate being woken by the alarm so sometimes I'm ahead of it and sometimes I'm not. It's not quite spot on yet but I live with the ambition of not needing an alarm. 


  • 1989 - Became Coventry Apprentice of the Year
  • 1991-  Graduated in Manufacturing Engineering
  • 1991 - Started Career in Engineering in the Automotive sector
  • 1997 - Trained in British Sign Language stage 1
  • 1998 - Completed Post Graduate Diploma in People Management
  • 2002 - Graduated with Distinction for my MA in Leadership
  • Continued to progress the corporate ranks
  • Held several senior management positions in Sales, HR and Communications
  • 2004 - Left the Automotive industry to start my company, now known as RedMane Group
  • 2004 - Trained as a coach
  • 2005 - Started speaking professionally 
  • 2006 - My TV experience on The Apprentice
  • 2006 - Started writing for the BBC and The Guardian
  • 2006 - Had my first baby daughter who is no longer with us
  • 2007 - Lost The Weakest Link, then won The Weakest Link
  • 2007 - Went to try golf & met my fiance Julian Mellor with whom I now run Leadership Courses 
  • 2007 - Created Women's Awards Events. The biggest of which was 350 people
  • 2007 - Ran 10 x 10k for SANDS Charity throughout the UK
  • 2009 - Had my second daughter 
  • 2010 - Did events with Ffion Hague and Jacqui Smith the first female Home Secretary
  • 2010 - Ran the Birmingham Half Marathon for Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • 2010 - Set up a Women's professional Development Community
  • 2011 - Did an event with Cherie Blair
  • 2015 - Became a BBC Radio presenter
  • 2016 - Landed my own Breakfast Show on local radio
  • 2017 - Set up The RedMane Leadership and Management Development Centre  Warwick UK
  • 2017 - Become a regular blogger for the Coventry Telegraph