Other career achievements

In Politics

  • Invited by Theresa May (The current British Prime Minister) to a private meeting on the subject of Women in Politics 
  • Complemented personally by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on creating a Women’s Awards event in Birmingham UK
  • Supported by the first female British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, on several communications training sessions (pictured)
  • Approached by the Cherie Blair foundation to support the charity, culminating in a joint fund raising event ‘Women’s Business Extravaganza’ at Aston University Birmingham to raise funds for the foundation 

In the Public Sector

  • Approached by the CEO of Royal Mail to be on a panel with her at their Women in Royal Mail conference
  • Approached by West Midlands Police and Chief Superintendent of Lancashire police to speak at their conferences
  • Collaborated with Hull University and Skills for Logistics on a women into Logistics project 
  • Set up a Women's Network at Warwick District Council

In the Corporate World

  • Approached by the Institute of the Motor Industry to deliver communications skills to a range of motor manufacturers including Peugeot, Harley Davidson, 
  • Invited to take part in a joint event with Barclays Wealth with Ffion Hague as the guest, to build networks of women in business Birmingham UK 
  • Hosted panel events with Amanda McKensie Non-Exec Director of Mothercare and CMO of Aviva, Sarah Speake Former Head of Marketing Google, Emer Timmons first female CEO of BT. 
  • Presented the Overall Women of Achievement Award to the BBC lead on BBC Olympics Digital coverage 2012
  • Invited by Hitachi CEO to be a guest speaker at the International Conference 

In the Media

  • Appeared as a guest on the BBC politics show to discuss the General Election 
  • Invited to become a local BBC radio Broadcaster 
  • Invited to do a regular session on BBC Local Radio entitled 'Business Watch'


  • Raised thousands of pounds in sponsorship from Yorkshire Bank Barclays Wealth plus many others
  • Partnered with John Lewis to set up Women's Leadership Circles


  • Flew over guests from Iceland for an economic conference, one of whom stood for the President of Iceland in 2017
  • Flew over former Miss America Kirsten Haglund (pictured) to participate as a speaker in a conference in Birmingham UK