Confidence Building Workshops

Have you recently lost your confidence? Are there people in your team who need a confidence boost?

Have you recently lost your confidence, or would you like more confidence to take the next steps in your professional life? Are you struggling to be heard? Do you have people in your team who you know could be achieving more if they had more confidence? If so, you are looking in the right place. 

At many times in our life our confidence can wane, the consequences of this can be catastrophic. Don't let it get that far...

During a whole day of practical sessions, you will discover how to become more confident inside yourself. We will look at the pain points (the things that go wrong when you are lacking confidence) and then how to deal with them when they crop up. We will look at 'in the moment' things you can do to give you more confidence when you need it, right there and then. Then we will look at medium and longer-term solutions to turn you into the person that you would like to become: that person who looks, sounds and feels confident for the most part of the day and beyond.

Wear something that you feel comfortable in because you need to be able to move. Time in the classroom talking and navel gazing is kept to a minimum. This isn't a test, its a gentle day of solution focused thinking. We are not going to dwell on the past but simply look at today and what you can do today to have more confidence.

It will be a gentle, fun day. You won't be made to feel stupid and you won't be made to feel intimated.


Jo can also come to your venue to deliver the course so location doesn't have to be a restriction.

The Headlines

The Venue

The countryside venue, Ardencote Golf Hotel and Spa, Warwick is a fantastic venue for this type of programme. It's where Jo's office is based. 

Tag on an overnight stay and make use of the spa and extensive facilities at Ardencote, making it an extra special event. 

Jo Cameron

Jo Cameron MA, your workshop leader, for many years suffered with low self-esteem and confidence and was determined not to be beaten by it. It cost her dearly on many occasions. Over years of study she has created this new format of programme that will leave you feeling much more calm and courageous. 

What's different

Most of the day will be spent outdoors so you are not restricted to sitting in a classroom. It's very difficult to increase your confidence levels sitting down, talking about things. Jo's programmes will get you to feel comfortable with feeling confident. The 'feeling' is what can be found again and again and therefore build lifelong confidence strategies. 

What is confidence?

Confidence is just as much a 'mind thing' as it is a 'body thing'. Working with the two in tandem can really give you you some short term gains. Throughout the day Jo will introduce you to the 'tricks of the trade' that you can pull out as and when you need them.

What do I get?

You get a full days programme running from 0830 to 1630. 

How much does it cost?

This is Jo's new format course so we are offering at the great value price of £249 + vat per person.

"I usually hate courses but Jo puts you completely at ease" Harley Davidson Delegate

The Agenda for the typical day

0830 : Mind and Body Warm up for the day

Please arrive for 0815 for a prompt 0830 start. We start the day with a mind and body warm up to get in the right frame of mind for the day

0930 : Hearty Snack

We should never start the day without something hearty to eat so this is time to fill up :) 

10:00 : Quick Confidence Boosters

What are the pain points of low self-esteem and confidence?

Introduction to 'in the moment' confidence boosters.

12:30 : Lunch

Lunch in the brasserie is a lovely relaxed affair. Lunch will be around £10 which you can pay on the day

13:30 : Medium Term Confidence Stategies

We will be looking at the things coming up in your personal and professional life and preparing you for them.

14:30 : Longer Term Confidence Building Strategies

The final session of the day will look at how you build confidence from within which can develop over the longer period. The day closes at 1630.

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