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are you feeling under pressure?

How free do you feel?

You might be feeling stressed because you feel trapped. You might feel tied down to your job, you might feel tied down to your kids needs and you might feel tied down to a bad relationship. It's this sense of restriction that is fueling our stress levels.  If we also feel 'trapped' by expectation including our own, then that leads to pressure which in turn affects our sense of freedom. 

Pressure and stress for prolonged periods of time is bad for you so the more freedom you feel, the less stress you will have.

Freedom is a state of mind so here are my six principles to help you find your bit of freedom in a crazy world.


Six steps to freedom



You've got to keep moving, mentally and physically. Get a stand up desk. Take up walking. Get a puppy. Limit sitting, it's bad for your body. Be more flexible. Learn to touch your toes. 



Learn to lie flat on the floor. Do nothing for 20 seconds. Learn to live with silence. Listen not talk. Get a good nights sleep. Google 432Hz. Learn to meditate. Take regular breaks. Learn to breath properly.



Strength in the body leads to strength in the mind so work on your body. Build your resilience. Stand up for yourself and stand up for others. Speak up when you need to. Take a stand.  Acknowledge your strengths but don't ignore your weaknesses. Work on your posture.



Simplify your life. Do less. Keep things tidy. De-clutter.  Get organised. Develop processes so you don't have to keep thinking about things.  Make sure things flow. Streamline what you can



Manage your time. Do what's important. Ditch what isn't. Decide who does what. Make sure they do it. Learn to communicate. Free up your time. You're a long time dead.



Maintain a good healthy body. Keep a lid on it. Stay calm. Be consistent. Don't let things run away from you. Stay grounded. Be kind to yourself. Discipline is sometimes boring. Get over it.