Are you struggling to find time for you? Are you thinking 'there must be more to life than this'?


Imagine 7 whole days with just yourself to think about? No kids, no work, no formal schedule? How would that feel? Pretty good hey?

"I didn't know what to expect. To a certain extent everyone will have their own experiences but it will be invaluable. It was an opportunity to spend four days in beautiful scenery to examine who you are, what you do and why. A series of thought provoking workshops to question all aspects of your life and work to learn more about what makes you 'tick' and if some things should change. Great place, great people. great teaching, great learning. All together an amazing experience" Nikki

Leaders Retreat with Yoga (and wine lol)

Is it for me?

Have you had enough of life as it is? Do you like the freedom of guaranteed sunshine even in Winter? Do you like fresh air and the feeling of liberation you get from it? Do you value stimulating conversations over dinner and wine? Are you into yoga or would like to learn? Are you just needing a break and time out to consider different options? Would you say you're on the verge of burnout? If this is you, read on. Suitable for beginners and advanced yoga levels. We do ask that you complete an application for a place to make sure that you are right for the group. You can download the form at the foot of the page.

January 19th to 26th 2019

We are excited to announce our next Executive Retreat dates.  

We have been successfully hosting groups of this type for over 5 years so you are safe in the knowledge that the programme in Tenerife will be one that you will remember forever.  

You are invited to join our hand-picked group of smart people

What do past guests say?


"Everything has been truly amazing since Tenerife! I'm a new person! It's fascinating how there have been subtle changes within. I'm thinking things through differently, focusing with more conviction, believing I can do/achieve anything, advising the kids with a different attitude, just loads of stuff! I'm still working on all my 95%. Fantastic love it! Corporate Leader 

I had the most fantastic time on the retreat! I enjoyed absolutely everything about the trip. It was perfect timing for me. It was great getting to know everyone too. Your care and support of us was 'outstanding'! You really went the extra mile to ensure all our needs were met. Lots of love and gratitude" Business woman in a family business 

What do I take away?

Firstly you will return feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Your thoughts will be clearer and you will have more energy than ever. You will also have a new circle of friends and lots of lovely new things in your life to be excited about when you get home. It's only when we take time out to think that we can be truly honest about who we are and what we want to do with your lives. You will leave feeling completely relaxed and like a great big weight has been lifted.  

A Typical Day

0845 – Energising Yoga

0930 – Breakfast

1000 – Open discussions / thought provoking session in line with the programme below

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Afternoon activity / visit / trip / treatment / time by the pool / inspiring coastal walk

1600 – Short relax / meditation / yoga led session 

1645 – Day finishes

1930 – Dinner - eat, drink and be merry!!! 


I need to know whether I can work with you or not so please complete the application as a first step

What do I get?

We will gently meander through the week letting your energies rebuild, slowing everything down so you feel amazing.

You get the following :

7 days all inclusive accommodation

5 days of guided activities to help revive and clarify things that need clarifying

Yoga workshops

Dolphin Watching / Start Gazing

Coastal Walks

Daily meditation session

Why Tenerife?

 Tenerife is known as the island of 'eternal Spring'. It averages temperatures of between 22 and 28 degrees all year round. This means that you get extra daylight hours, giving you the feeling of 'more time'. Beyond the tourism on the island, it has a stunning aura. The locations we choose for you are really peaceful and chosen specifically for the relaxed atmosphere they help create.   Tenerife is in the same time zone as the UK so there is no jet lag to cope with and with most flights leaving in the morning you will be sat by the pool in time for lunch and a cold beer!  Away from tourist areas there are stunning unspoiled destinations which offer delightful dining experiences.
Recently, Tenerife has grown into a sophisticated Canarian oasis with five star venues, fine dining and stunning locations that provide the perfect location in which to learn. You return total rejuvenated and refreshed. Tenerife has gone so upmarket that every new hotel being built has to be at least of a five star standard.But it's only on programmes such as this, when we create a stimulating and  simultaneously calm environment that truly original creative thinking can emerge. This is largely not achievable in a freezing cold classroom in Basingstoke! Coupled with the yoga, this is retreat like no other.  

The Programme

Saturday and Sunday

The Saturday will be all about getting you to Tenerife. Sunday is about relaxing, acclimatising, have a wander round, sitting by the pool or having a glass of wine or two 

Monday is about unwinding

Day 1 is about introducing to techniques to deal with the stresses, strains and pressures of everyday life so remain calm in all situations. It will help you glide effortlessly into the programme 

Tuesday is all about discovering your more natural talents

Day 2 is about allowing your natural leadership capabilities to emerge.This is all about learning more about yourself and your style as a leader 

Wednesday is all about giving yourself a boost

Day 3 is about boosting your confidence in yourself to take any necessary action in life and business 


Thursday is a day off to indulge in the sunshine, the pool and a relaxing lunch.

Friday and travel home day

Friday is all about looking at where you are now and examining the short, medium and long term possibilities for you and / the business. Saturday we travel home 


Down the application form and see our case studies

Tenerife Application Form 2018 (docx)


An Exert from a case study on Tenerife guests (docx)