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What do I think about Leadership?

Leadership is overcomplicated

I've long since believed that the subject of Leadership is over complicated. There is too much talk and not enough action. There is too much jargon and too many theoretical academic models that nobody can remember or understand. I used to teach them so I know. Over 20 years of working in the Leadership arena  and extensive research on the topic, I have whittled Leadership down to six principles. I've called them 'Leadership Made Easy'. Looking at where we are now as a society, most of the ideas around Leadership are outdated. It was't so long ago that we didn't have the demands that we do now. We are learning new lessons so we need new ways to balance ourselves with everything else going on. 

Using Golf to learn business and leadership skills

During the Summer months you will find me running Leadership and Team Building events in Warwickshire with my company, The 1st Tee Directors Club that I founded with my partner, international golf coach Julian Mellor, where people come to use the game of golf to network and learn business and leadership skills. In January you will find me in the Canaries running Leadership Retreats inspired by the teachings of Yoga. My body and brain need to get away from the British weather! 

Workshops, Keynotes and Seminars

As co-founder of the The 1st Tee Directors Club based at Ardencote Golf Hotel and Spa, Warwickshire, we can work with your teams out in the fresh air or I can visit your conference or event as a keynote speaker. I can also run a workshop or seminar for you. Please make contact so we can discuss your requirements. We know you get frustrated when you don't know how much people like me cost so we have given you some options as first time client. Just click on prices and you will see our menu.

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